A group of warriors that live in the Realm Of Terraurgen.

History Edit

The Argentix warred with the competing faction of the Aurios for control over the Krystals Of Power and the dragons that wield them. Eventually a great battle was fought at the Battlestorm Castle but who the victor was is unclear.

Culture Edit

The more common names of Argentix society are listed here:

Silvengleam, Vorwelder, Stielburn, Hyvenom, Mywaxen, Vymonger, Rivstryker, Kiersond, Dryaxor, Strykastel, Stielbane, Vundelrong, Silvergleth, Rycaer, Warmwarg, Rustinmyre, Brendelhorn, Skollander, Vygoran

The Argentix seem to be made up of people from various different cultures, as some wear armour similar to that of the Warfang and some of them are even Vorgan.

Dragons associated with the Argentix include:

Fireptile Plains Dragon, Ironscales Royal Dragon, Darkcrown Eclipse Dragon, Cycloneblaze Nova Dragon, Gildenklaw, Rhinehorn, Fyrebrand, Skullrattle, Groggskorn, Stormer Range Dragon, Fernbogg Swamp Dragon, Gorgonaw Forest Predator Dragon, Scauld Arbor Dragon, Gildroth, Klawrag, Furgor