A group of warriors that live in the Realm Of Terraurgen. They would often fight against their enemies, the Argentix.

They are one of the two major faction during the Battlestorm Epic series of Dragons.

Culture Edit

Many names abound in Aurios culture, here are a few:

Goldewing, Mordrakken, Rimmerstryke, Furioso, Huntswain, Flogmarsh, Volkskyre, Augustor, Wrangbryn, Fanglorn, Briskul

Dragons associated with the Aurios include:

Serpentorch Horned Dragon, Blazebasilisk Hunter Dragon, Cirrusfire Solstice Dragon, Sunblott Equinox Dragon, Ashbeake, Drachnid, Rynther, Beastclieff, Golgorath Dark Hoard Dragon, Tempyst Storm Dragon, Archeaop Gale Dragon, Talonlock River Dragon

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