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The Battle Gate is a set from 2002 of 110 pieces. It includes 4 Valtheran, 4 Warfang and one dragon, alongside the orange power stone.

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The secret of Battle Gate lies below the massive stone arches. Valtheran and Warfang warriors fight for the magical stone that will unlock the ancient secret and reveal the gleaming sword. The dragon Talongaze also joins the battle, for he knows that his power depends on the magical stone.
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The Battle Gate was the site of the third great battle between the Warfang and the Valtheran. A single dragon comes with this set. The major feature are two "pillars" which make up the so called Battle Gate, with arcane runes on them. What it is a gate to is unknown, it may be the last remnants of a castle as other castles, such as Draigar Castle have similar pillars. Or it may be one of the last portals to the Dragon World, having been destroyed after most of the dragons left the human world.

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Yulmar, Harnash, Riel, Durian

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Morkusk, Kurg, Wulluck, Skolack

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