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Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer is a set from 2002, including 30 pieces. One of the smaller sets from the first series of Dragons. The set comes with a green dragon and Padraig.

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The classic one-on-one battle of man versus beast is portrayed in Dragon Slayer. One vailiant warrior, equipped with only his weapons and a giant ballista, takes on the terrible Torchwing. The final stone is the prize.

Padraig battles against a wild dragon in some small ruins. He aims his ballista and fires. The shot was true and the dragon falls down. Padraig moves in for the kill, but stays his hand. This dragon has been defeated and now accepts Padraig as his master. It is believed that this event marks the rise of Padraig, known as Dragon Slayer, and the unification of Valtheran and Warfang as the Draigar. His new reputation will give him enough auhtority to stop the Ultimate Battle.

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