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The box art

The Dragon Tower is a Collector's Edition set of 290 pieces released for the initial series of Dragons in 2002. It includes a golden dragon, a sacred stone and 14 Draigar warriors.

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The Dragon Tower used to be Padraig's home before becoming the Dragon Slayer. After the unification of the Valtheran and Warfang armies into the Draigar, Padraig ruled the newly formed army from his throne at Dragair Castle. During the unification, it is possible that Padraig sent a small force of Draigar soldiers to defend the fort against the remaining dragons while attacking the Fire Mountain.

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Draigar Edit

Icestaff, Icebrand, Rainwalker, Ironhand, Blackaxe, Eldershield, Oakspear, Alewind, Shadowarm, Longsword, Darkblade, Moonstalker, Grimfist, Rockfrost

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Unamed golden dragon
Dragon tower

The case's cover.