The set with Dragon.


Realesed in 2003, the Man O' War is the Norvagen themed set of the Krystal Wars series, featuring a massive warship ready to invade the Draigar lands. It contains 250 pieces, 9 Norvagen warriors and 3 Draigar warriors, alongside the dragon Midgaard and one of the Krystals of Power. It is one of the few sets to not contain warriors from all three factions.

MegaBloks description Edit

The Norvagen forces take to the seas in the massive MAN-O-WAR. Unfurl the sails and join the search for themagical Crystals of Power!


The Norvagen use their warships to strike and pillage any and all coastal towns that do not belong to them. The Norvagen king Ostgard keeps one of the Krystals of Power within his Man-O-War, letting him or his fellow Norvagen warriors to mount the dragon Midgaard.