The final series of the original Dragons series, it was also a sub-line of the Plasmaverse. Plasma Dragons even had a sub-line of its own titled Battlestorm Epic. The sets came with a squishy goop looking thing (Plasma). The Draigar and Vorgan fought for the magical Plasma.

Sets Edit

List of sets

Large sets:

9435 Valor Castle

9430 Vorgan Plasma Fortress/ Tower Assault

9552 Plasma Dragons Towerbridge

96002 Siege Of Raiders Keep

Medium sets:

9426 Darkwoods Ambush

9427 Fire Cavern

9428 Ravine Battle

9470 Rivenbeak Royal Glider Dragon

9468 Rawlsong Ocean Camouflage Dragon

9407 Balefyre Fire Dragon

9408 Clawshock Electric Dragon

9409 Fangrene Acid Dragon

9413 Iceblaze Ice Dragon

9471 Vipenroar Black Vulture Dragon

9469 Trefalkyr Jungle Predator Dragon

9580 Plasma Horde

5196 Plasma Species Clash

9577 Plasma Dragons Playsets

Small sets:

9585 Prongrowl Solar Sabotage Dragon

9584 Trylobite Advance Attack Dragon

9444 Wraithwing Draigar Avatar Dragon

9443 Thunderoar Draigar Transport Dragon

9442 Crawbellow Vorgan Phalanx Dragon

9586 Tidalfire Coastal Defense Dragon

9633 Talonlock River Dragon

9637 Archeaop Gale Dragon

9607 Sether Metal Slash Dragon

9608 Crymson Vulcan Fire Dragon

9605 Vile Wind Sprinter Dragon

9606 Brimer Dark Claw Dragon

9581 Golgorath Dark Hoard Dragon

9602 Tailtorn Jungle Glider Dragon

9582 Hydracc Tidal Smasher Dragon

9583 Gorgonaw Forest Predator Dragon

9638 Scauld Arbor Dragon

9636 Fernbogg Swamp Dragon

9635 Tempyst Storm Dragon

9634 Stormer Range Dragon

9609 Boulder Krystal Cavern Dragon

9538 Sawskreetch

9537 Clawdigger Vorgan Hailstorm Dragon

9535 Wizenbeard Draigar Lightning Dragon

9536 Tailsmash Vorgan Thunder Dragon

9447 Battle Realm Booster Packs

9448 Battle Realm Booster Packs

9449 Battle Realm Booster Packs

9450 Battle Realm Booster Packs

9452 Battle Realm Booster Packs

9453 Battle Realm Booster Packs

9454 Battle Realm Booster Packs

9455 Battle Realm Booster Packs

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