The 2nd series in Dragons Universe. The war between the Alliance and the Predavors continues but there are now dragons and humans fighting on both sides.

Sets Edit

List of sets

Medium sets:

95236 Blaze Jinryu

95238 Chrono Kaizer

95235 Assault Excaliga

95234 Blizzard Glaragon

95237 Chaos Orzorus

95233 Thunder Vozeus

95239 Ultimate Battle Set

Small sets:

95106 Five Dragon Battle Pack

95108 Five Dragon Battle Pack

95137 Five Dragon Battle Pack

95109 Five Dragon Battle Pack

95107 Five Dragon Battle Pack

95138 Five Dragon Battle Pack

951091 Battle Game Pack

95166 Swarm Dragons

95141 Alliance Fig Pack

95141 Alliance Pack

95257 Azure Striker

94260 Bloodstone Raider

95255 Freeze Glaryu

95258 Ruin Orzero

95181 Swarm Dragons

95142 Predavors Pack

95142 Predavor Fig Pack

95256 Soul Kaiga

95259 Shock Vosanu

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